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Announcing the Launch of Mr Moose!!

Finally, after a great deal of trialling with all the male members of my family and friends, I am excited to present “Mr Moose” our range of male grooming products. This new range includes a beard balm, shave cream, post shave razor balm, working hands salve and lip balms.

The Moose, a native Canadian animal, inspired our initial branding so we decided to name all the Mr Moose products after famous Canadian resorts and cities: Vancouver, Quebec, White Horse, Whistler, Toronto and Thunder Bay.

Each product contains butters and oils to nourish and repair your skin and whiskers. The fragrances are classically masculine – frankincense and myrrh, Oriental black pepper, lemongrass and bergamot and cedarwood and white musk. Mr Moose is a stylish and modern grooming product that will attract the discerning gentleman who cares about his environment as these products are packaged in recyclable aluminium tins.

The range will include:

Mr Moose "Quebec" Beard Balm, an essential accessory for men that want a beard that feels great and looks amazing. The “Quebec” Beard Balm will not only moisturise to help keep a healthy beard and skin, but also enable cool styling too.

In our current world, our hands are being exposed to a punishing, but necessary, routine of regular washing and being rubbed with sanitiser. Mr Moose “Thunder Bay” Working Hand Salve is designed to restore your hands and provide long lasting moisturisation. The soothing ingredients include Lemongrass, Bergamot and nutrients to protect and repair dry, cracked or soar hands. Mango butter, Avacado Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E, all bring an amazing restoring effect to your skin.

Our shave Cream “Whitehorse” creates an indulgent moisturising lather that is enriched with coconut, jojoba and aragon oils as well as the luxurious fragrance of Oriental Black Pepper. This is a rich and nourishing shave cream that helps your blade simply glide over the skin for a close and comfortable shave.

Mr Moose “Whistler” Post Shave Razor Balm brings refreshment and soothing to your skin with white musk, a hint of zingy citrus and luxurious Cedarwood. Inspired by the mountain freshness of the Canadian resort of Whistler, our post shave razor balm will help your skin rehydrate and revitalise after shaving.

Lastly, and certainly not least, are our two Mr Moose Lip Balms, “Vancouver” and “Toronto”, an essential treatment to keep handy in your pocket! Our current world can be cruel to delicate lips with cold temperatures, exposure to the wind or dry air within masks. Mr Moose Lip Balms will restore and moisturise your lips and help protect them from harsh conditions. “Vancouver” has a great minty fresh fragrance whilst “Toronto” is fragrance free.

Our Mr Moose range of handmade men’s grooming products are available now to purchase via our website with prices from just £2.50 to £8.95. Some great gift box ideas are coming too and will be a perfect Christmas idea for someone special. Mr Moose for men that care!

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