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Continuing our journey of reducing plastic waste

We are well into the New Year and the latest lockdown is at least helping us focus on our domestic use of products in single use plastic. Now please do not take the following as us trying to be “holier than thou”, because we appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different, however, hope you may be able to take some inspiration.

Our environment is being poisoned by the relentless march of single use plastics being used in everyday items on our shopping list. We have all, and quite innocently, bought day-to-day items for our home that are made using single use plastics such as tea bags, wet wipes, face wipes, toothpaste and so on. Until recently there has been little option but to use these products and, in doing so, add to the plastics poison that reaches our seas and, eventually, back into us.

However, recently the world has changed and there are now so many alternatives to such single use plastics and so with a little more attention to what we are buying, the world can be changed by you and I.

We have this year switched to buying certain cleaning products (washing up liquid, floor cleaner, etc) in large tubs that we ‘de-cant’ into smaller bottles that we can then use again and again. Not rocket science but works very nicely and is good value too.

Terracycle are helping us all make sure that as much plastic and other waste gets another chance to be used. These new recycling options mean that we have been able to save all the cat food pouches, plastic bread wrappers and even crisp packets.

Commercially, Pamper Moose have wanted to do our bit by creating products that do not harm our environment. We source our ingredients from ethical manufacturers, together with packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. There is a natural satisfaction to creating something, but this is enhanced when what you are creating does some good.

I have always had a passion for creating and my ‘creations’ over the years have included painting my own Christmas cards, recycling furniture and repurposing an acquisition from our local recycling centre. My love for chemistry goes back to my ‘A’ Level days and has also led me to create the family a range of soaps, bath bombs and cosmetics as presents.

Finally, I am now enjoying putting this long practised creative ambition to building our business that will continue my joy of making and bringing a smile to people’s faces.

My professional background includes having been a nurse and midwife for 10 years as well as a second professional career in teaching of around 25 years. This career means that I have had the joy of seeing so many children both come into the world and then develop into young adults.

Consequently, we are driven to build a sustainable business that will make their environment better. We hope that you are able to join us for the ride!

Got any questions? Please get in touch via or 01202 233 205, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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