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Finding Help in Getting to Sleep

Our daily lives can bring many stresses, important things to plan as well as perhaps the anticipation of looming events, so finding help in getting to sleep can be very important.

I don’t know about you, but I have been having trouble sleeping since Covid struck and the impact on our family of the pandemic during the past year has prayed on my mind. When it comes to bedtime it is quite frequent that thoughts go into overdrive worrying about so many things and it can be the wee hours of the morning before I finally drop off.

I was listening to a popular morning TV programme the other day and they started talking about sleep problems which more people are suffering from since the pandemic. This piqued my interest, hoping to get some solutions, I listened more intently. The main advice was to stop looking at mobile phones at least 2 hours before going to bed (I’m so guilty of this) and instead reading a book, blocking out all light from the room and taping up any switches that glow with a light.

The last piece of advice was to take a soothing bath with Epsom Salts. These salts contain magnesium which help to improve your sleep. It plays an important role in your nervous system, helping to activate mechanisms in your body that quiet and calm you. It can also help reduce anxiety which interferes with sleep.

I knew that Epsom Salts were very soothing and help reduce skin irritation and itching. They are also very effective at minimising swelling and relieving aches and pains. This is the main reason I included them in the bath bombs, but I now know they have the added bonus of helping aid a restful night’s sleep.

So, if you are struggling to sleep why not try one of our bath bombs.

We have four fragrances:

• Love Moose - adding a hot pink vibrancy to your bath with the heady scent of oudh woods

• Zesty Moose - adding a citrusy aroma with the zesty colours of oranges and lemons

• Moose Sea – giving your bath an ocean fresh fragrance and an azure blue appearance

• Sleepy Moose – with the relaxing and sleep inducing scents of lavender and a delicate violet bath water

Our bath bombs are large at 210g, are all Vegan friendly and prices start from just £3.90.

Pamper Moose, and our Mr Moose Men’s Grooming Range, were born out of desire to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles and containers. We, just like the rest of the world, are now realising the dreadful damage that such single use plastics are causing. Consequently, we set about creating our own range of handmade bath and beauty cosmetics that we packaged in recyclable containers or naked.

You can find out more about our full range at or call us today on 01202 233 205.

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