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Making Small Eco-Friendly Changes

Whilst we await the world’s leaders to push forward with the big policies that may improve our impact on the climate, we can each be making our own small eco-friendly changes.

Our ethos at Pamper Moose is to minimise the impact of packaging on our cosmetics (by having them either naked, in recyclable tins or in bio-degradable packaging) we have also been looking at other small eco-friendly changes we can make at home. The following items are not Pamper Moose products but simply a mini guide to what hopefully a wider strategy for us all.

The nature of cosmetics is that as well as applying them, we sometimes have to take them off too. Over the years I have to admit to being guilty of using disposable face wipes which are a one-use product that may well have had little degradable qualities. It is horrible to think but these may well have ended up in landfill, or worse still, in our ocean. Stopping this practise is one of many small eco-friendly changes I have made to our daily routines.

Instead of these one-use pads, I have now switched to a range of washable pads that have the same qualities i.e. are tenacious in removing make up, are sensitive around the eyes and neat enough to be easily carried. However, the big difference is that rather than chuck each one in the bin after use, instead it simply goes in a small laundry bag that can go in the washing machine at the next opportunity. There are many manufactures of these washable pads and they certainly seem great for all the same duties for ladies and gents alike. As an example, you can follow this link to find the brand I have been using which will give you a starting point.

Not only is this a great small eco-friendly change to make but it also makes sense in cash terms as the life expectancy of these pads means you should save money too.

Bamboo cotton buds have also been a new arrival to my dressing table now with biodegradable solutions from sustainable providers have come available. Again, there are many providers of these cotton buds and these are well worth checking out too.

High on our hit list of small eco-friendly changes is to rid our whole bathroom of plastic containers and this, of course, has driven the inspiration for our Pamper Moose range of bath and beauty cosmetics


However, we have been equally horrified at the volume of plastic containers of cleaning products. We have had products that claim to be for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, special formulations for shower doors, bathroom floors, and so on. Ultimately, we decided that we do not need all these products but, instead, would make our own multi-use solution.

With our own home made cleaner we can avoid toxic or abrasive chemical products and single-use plastics. There are many guides on how to make your own cleaning products, but we think the ‘Wiki How To’ guide is a good place to start. At the heart of these solutions is simply distilled vinegar and water. Pop this into a reusable container and you have taken another step to helping change our climate for the better.

We’ll return to these topics as we discover other useful ideas for making small eco-friendly changes. Our next item will be an update to the state of plastic use in our bathroom. We’d be interested to hear your ideas for small eco-friendly changes and the war on plastic waste!

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