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New Vegan Cosmetics from Pamper Moose!

We have had a few very busy weeks and so I didn’t have a chance to introduce our new Vegan cosmetics from Pamper Moose that have now gained chemist approval.

Our main mission was to make Pamper Moose completely vegan which I have now managed to achieve. To remove beeswax from the products, I had to experiment a lot with different vegan waxes to obtain one that performed as well as beeswax. I eventually choose olive wax which works very well.

One of our new Vegan cosmetics is ‘Sleepy Moose’ Solid Body Butter. It is slightly different from the original Sleepy Moose, it’s now round with a subtle lilac colour. It still contains a sprinkling of lavender flowers on top and moisturising shea and cocoa butter, but I have added some kaolin clay as this prevents any greasiness and allows the butter to be absorbed easily and quickly.

In place of ‘Mooseberry’ and ‘Pomme de Moose’ solid sugar scrubs, I have created “Island Moose” Solid Sugar Scrub with the exotic fragrance of coconut and enhanced with a touch of luxury, a shimmering gold top. This scrub works well in the shower and not only contains sugar as an exfoliant, but also pumice powder. Pumice powder is a natural exfoliant which is ideal for cleansing and polishing your skin leaving it looking visibly healthier and refreshed. The scrub still contains shea and cocoa butters to leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised too.

Another mission with the new products was to ensure each of the solid shampoo and conditioners had a matching fragrance. We already had orange spice ‘Spicy Moose’ solid shampoo and conditioner with added raspberry seed oil. We now also have ‘Mooseberry’ solid shampoo and conditioner with added wheatgerm oil and ‘Tropical Moose’ solid shampoo and conditioner with added sea buckthorn oil.

New Vegan Cosmetics You Asked For

We also have created a range of new vegan cosmetics which our customers have been asking for.

Our ‘Jazzy Moose’ hand salve is fragranced with jasmine and is a subtle lemon colour. The salve is enriched with mango butter, avocado and argan oils and vitamin E, making it super moisturising for dry hands.

‘Minty Moose Scrub ‘n’ Soak Foot Bar’, I have been creating and trialling for a while. The products come in a box with three of the bars in each. The idea is that once your feet are wet the bar is used to cleanse and exfoliate and then the remainder added to the bowl of warm water to soak your feet. The bars have Epsom Salts which contain magnesium - great for relaxing muscles and reducing stress.

To accompany the Scrub ‘n’ Soak Bar is ‘Minty Moose Foot Butter’. Both these products are a mint green colour to compliment the peppermint essential oil fragrance. Peppermint essential oil is one of the best essential oils for feet as it helps reduce tension and swelling and can also energize the body.

Use the Minty Moose Foot Butter after your mini foot spa treatment to keep your feet soft with moisturising coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. These are a great addition to our new Vegan cosmetics range.

Another product joining our Pamper Moose new Vegan cosmetics range is Pomme de Moose ‘Soft Legs’ Shave Cream. This luxurious shave cream is enriched with moisturising coconut, jojoba and argan oils to ensure your legs remain soft after shaving. The shave cream has a wonderful crisp green apple fragrance and subtle pale green colour.

I have extended our range of bath melts following the success of ‘Mooseberry’. We now have Moose of the Orient, with the luxurious Oriental fragrance of lotus blossom and waterlily. This bath melt will colour your bath a vibrant amethyst colour and contains moisturising shea butter. There is also ‘Moose a L’Orange’ a vibrant orange bath melt, fragranced with sweet orange essential oil.

All our new Vegan cosmetics are available to buy on our website and you can also see photos and mini video clips of the products.

In our next blog we'll be giving you an insight into the oils and butters used in our products for a more in depth understanding of the ingredients we use.

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