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What is Special about Bath Bombs?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Bath bombs have become hugely popular and a regular treat or gift for many people, but what is special about bath bombs and how do they enhance a bath?

Aside from just being a means to cleanse oneself, for many of us, a soak in a bath is a chance to get a few minutes peace whilst relaxing aching muscles. Adding some bubbles is one way to make the water a little more interesting but a bath bomb takes things to a new level.

For those that have seen a bath bomb in action, the first feature you’ll notice is that bath bombs add colour to the water together with either a dramatic fizz or a gentle foaming effect. Then comes a wonderful fragrance that provides an aroma to delight your senses.

Then the Epsom Salts get to do their thing by helping relax your muscles, easing pain and even easing bruises. Epsom Salts are known for their properties to induce relaxation and being good for the skin.

Together, all these effects will turn an ordinary bath time into a moment rather more special, relaxing, and good for you. As an aside, having bath bombs in the bathroom will add a delightful fragrance to the room but not one that should be overpowering.

Choosing the best Bath Bomb!

As well as being relaxing, the ingredients that make up a bath bomb react in different ways when they are put into water. If you like some drama, then bath bombs with bicarbonate of soda and Citric Acid could be for you. These wonderful ingredients will make your bath bomb fizz, adding a little fun to the start of your bath!

Your choice of fragrance will be important too. Bath Bombs come with many different fragrances, and this is what is special about bath bombs:

The ingredients of these bath bomb include bicarbonate of soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts and apricot kernel oil.

  • ‘Zesty Moose’ which has a refreshing citric accord and will enrich your bath with a wonderful yellow and orange colour

  • ‘Sleepy Moose’ which brings the fragrance of lavender and colour the bath water lilac which will together help induce relaxation and a good night’s sleep

  • ‘Moose Sea’ will turn bath time into a trip to the seaside with an ocean fresh fragrance and azure blue water.

  • ‘Love Moose’ is a bath bomb has a gentle oudh woods fragrance and will turn the bath into the most amazing hot rich pink!

How to Best Use a Bath Bomb:

Firstly, run the bath to a temperature that you like. Then your choice is whether you’d like to add the bath bomb while the bath is running and get some bubbles too. Or add the bath bomb to the water when the bath is run and watch the fun of the fizz! Our bath bombs take a few minutes to completely finish, so there’s pretty of action for entertainment.

Then, relax back, perhaps listen to your favourite music, read a book or light some candles. Enjoy your perfect chill out before bed.

What is Special About Bath Bombs from Pamper Moose?

• Vegan Friendly

• Sold in plastic free packaging

• Each wrapped in tissue to help them last longer

• Are large and long lasting at 210g (about 7.5cm in diameter)

• High Quality Ingredients

• Handmade in the UK

• Cruelty free

Hopefully, the above explains what is special about bath bombs and if it has tempted you to try one, then you can browse our range of latest bath bombs here. If you fancy buying some bath bombs as a gift, then check out our bath bomb gift boxes here.

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