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Why Use a Solid Shampoo? Join the Revolution!!

Updated: May 24, 2022

We so enjoy meeting our customers at the shows we’re attending and a common question we receive is ‘why use a solid shampoo?’

At the heart of the Pamper Moose ethos was to create bath and beauty products that didn’t use plastic packaging and so, this is the first reason we would give when considering if to use a solid shampoo. Whilst plastic is an amazingly versatile and cheap means to do so many things, the throwaway nature of plastic is the long-term danger to us all.

Plastic bottles can take hundreds of years to break down and during that process they can eventually become microplastics that may infect our water sources. This is such a scary threat to our health that, if for no other reason, then if you are thinking why use a solid shampoo; then this is a very good reason!

Lots of Goodness

Being good to the environment is one thing, but you also need the product to work, and work really well, otherwise if may be a short-term experiment. Our Vegan friendly solid shampoos are enriched with natural ingredients that include mango butter, raspberry seed oil, together with fabulous fragrances that leave your hair smelling great.

The Pamper Moose solid shampoos have probably been the hardest product to create and the development process took months. However, we’re delighted that the resulting solid shampoo range are gorgeously foamy, cleansing and enriching. We do not use solid soap in our shampoos and so your hair will be left smooth and soft.

And, if you want to make life even easier, there is our Vegan friendly Montréal Solid Shampoo and Body Wash; a great combination!

How to Use a Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoos are very easy to use and simply require gently rubbing around your wet hair until it foams. This really helps the product last a long time because the moment it foams, which doesn’t take long, and you can stop using it. Bottles of shampoo can often be mostly water and tipping a quantity in your hand can be wasteful.

The concentrated nature of solid shampoos mean they will last a long time and even if using every day, will last a month or more. Needless to say, washing your hair two or three times a week will mean a 60g solid shampoo can last up to 2-3 months.

It is worth noting that solid shampoos and solid conditions are best left to air dry and so keep a used product in a tray that enables them to drain.

Why Use a Solid Shampoo for Travel?

We all know the necessary frustration of having to bag liquids separately whilst going through airport security or the unpleasant experience of discovering a liquid has leaked during travel. Of course, with a solid shampoo you do not have these inconveniences and indeed, they also take up less space. Our Travel Essentials Set takes this further by providing you with a neat pack of solid shampoo, solid conditioner and soap, together with a bamboo soap tray and reusable box.

So, if you are still wondering why use a solid shampoo or solid conditioner then give it a go, lower your carbon footprint and enjoy soft fragrant hair!!

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