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2023, Another Year of Plastic Free Products

We’re nearly at the end of 2023 and it’s been another year of plastic free products by Pamper Moose. It has been a busy year and so I take the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved in our campaign to promote plastic free products in Bournemouth.

Our rebranding at the end of last year has been a huge success with customers enjoying the more easily recognisable labels that represent the colour and fragrance of each product.

We extended this branding to Mr Moose and completed our transformation into making Mr Moose completely vegan, the same as Pamper Moose.

As spring and summer approached, we were busy with shows taking the opportunity to promote our new range of plastic free products. This year we kept it local as we have an aging Goldie (he turned 16 in October) and we didn’t want to be too far away from him.

Highcliffe Food Festival, curated by the wonderful Kat and Loz from The Little Craft Shack, was as ever a fantastic event and the sun shone on us (well, mostly) for the weekend. This was followed by Mudeford Arts Festival another amazing local event, but we were quite challenged by the high winds that this beautiful harbour can experience.

This year we also attended for the first time, The Shake and Stir music festival in Southbourne, an amazing event attracting everything vintage with everyone getting into the spirit of the event by dressing up.

The summer was rounded off nicely with The Dorset County Show, a fantastic celebration of Dorset, attracting more than 60,000 people! We had a stall in The Avenue Shopping Mall, which showcased local crafts. It is always lovely to meet fellow crafters and by the end of the weekend, had made new friends. We will be attending these events next year and hope to see you there!

Plastic Free Products in Bournemouth

We were very proud parents, as one of our daughters got married this year. Whilst shaking off the cobwebs the following day, we stumbled upon the brand-new shop Fantastic Things in the Arcade in Bournemouth.

The shop has a brilliant array of different crafters displaying and selling their work and we felt this would be a great place to promote our plastic free products in Bournemouth. So, at the beginning of October, we took some retail space! This has proved to be a huge success and enables our customers to stock up whenever they want.

Christmas as ever, is our busy period as our plastic free products make great gifts and stocking fillers. This year we have introduced a range of Christmas stockings filled with our best-selling plastic free products. Also, for those of you that don’t enjoy wrapping, we have a range of prewrapped products, all you have to do is add the recipient’s name! These are all available on our website and in Fantastic Things in Bournemouth.

We are looking forward to the new year, with new products on the horizon, a range of facial cleansers and moisturisers. We also have some exciting marketing ideas, which we will share with you later.

Finally, just to wish you all a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We will continue to raise awareness in 2024 and rid our beautiful world of single use plastic. In the meantime, learn more about us on our YouTube channel here.

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