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Plastic Free Handmade Cosmetics - A family affair!

Pamper Moose was born out of a desire to create plastic free handmade cosmetics packaging that is either recyclable or biodegradable. It makes my heart sing to walk into our bathroom and all the products we need are solid and sat on bamboo trays. It’s much less cluttered too.

We also wanted to make Pamper Moose a family affair and to this end have incorporated all the skill sets within our close and extended family. Whilst I love formulating and creating new products, there are so many other aspects involved which require skills that I don’t have.

Phil, my husband, fellow director and my greatest advocate, has all the IT and social media skills needed to promote the business and drive it to the next level.

We are also so lucky that one of our daughters is a very talented artist and we have used her skills to produce all the graphics for our labels. Our labels have been designed with the help of our good friend Laurence from Anonymous Designs. Our Son has helped to create the mould and logo stamps that we use for our solid shampoo and is always helping us trouble shoot technical issues. Our daughters, and there are many, well 5, have helped with manufacture and selling of the products at shows. They are so good at promoting the brand with their enthusiasm, inspirational ideas, creative talent and desire to see us succeed.

Creating Plastic Free Cosmetics

When it comes to creating plastic free handmade cosmetics, everyone gets involved in the

process from trying it out and giving feedback (we don’t test on animals we test on our children and their partners – all in their 20s to 30s!!) to giving their opinion on names and packaging. Creating plastic free cosmetics can be a long process of try, try and try again until the formula is just right.

A good example are our solid shampoos which took months to get right. However, the determination has been very worth while as the result has been a really successful product. You can read more about our solid shampoos here and why you should try them.

In the meantime, our business is continuing to go from strength to strength with the help and support of our wonderful family and friends.

Thank you to everyone that has joined us on this journey making plastic free handmade cosmetics!

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