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Bath Bombs Enhancing the Joy of Bathing

Bath Bombs have brought a revolution to a simple bath time taking it from just getting oneself clean, to a recreation event in its own right. Having run your bath to the level and temperature you like, popping in a Pamper Moose Bath Bomb then transforms clear water into a swirling world of colour and fragrance. As well as the colours and delightful smells, our bath bombs contain Epsom Salts which grannies swear by as being a ‘cure all’ for your day.

Pamper Moose Bath Bombs are water soluable too and so there is none of the scrubbing a colour stain off the bath later that would otherwise spoil your relaxing bath. Our bath bombs are vegan friendly and most are also allergen free.

Check our ingredients to pick the right product for you and enjoy your next bath!

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