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Getting Rid of More Plastic from Home!

In an effort to keep minimising the use of plastics at our home, Clare has made our own range of cleaning products for our family. The aim being to only use three cleaning product types rather than the plethera of so called specialist individual cleaning brands that was filling our cupboard.

By making our own cleaning fluids from bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and Castille soap, we can clean the kitchen, oven, bathroom, stainless steel, unblock sinks, you name it! And this is also much kinder to the environment with refillable bottles and less chemicals.

To spread the message further, we created little cleaning packs for all our our kids homes too.

These aren't for general sale but just us trying to get into the habit at home of minimising the use of plastic. We binned all the plastic bottles from our cupboard and felt much better!

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