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Join the Naked Beauty Cosmetics War on Plastic!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

One day last year I looked around our bathroom and was appalled at how much single use plastics that we had wrapped around our bath and beauty cosmetics. As we looked further around our home, we noticed other mad packaging such as bananas in a plastic bag and why, nature wraps them? This hugely import ant issue has, thankfully, been brought to countywide attention with the BBC’s War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita with their challenge to families to reduce their dependence on plastic. Check it out here, well worth a watch and the implications of plastic on our world will shock you.

Consequently it was then that I decided to do our little bit to change attitudes to plastic packaging and create our range of naked products, or products with recyclable packaging.

So, what are naked beauty cosmetics?

Naked beauty cosmetics have no packaging but are solid products that can live happily in your bathroom without horrid plastic containment. When we send out a naked product we simply wrap it in recycled paper or within one of our hampers and have no single use plastic.

Our naked beauty cosmetics range includes our lovely Sleepy Moose Solid Body Butter, Pomme de Moose and Mooseberry Solid Sugar Scrub. Naturally, all of our bath bombs are naked too and proud of it!

Our range of naked beauty cosmetics is set to grow and watch this space, or sign up for our newsletter, to hear about new products coming available.

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