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Meet Some of Our Team - Grace

The Pamper Moose Cosmetics team is a family business and the determination for stopping waste runs through us all. Our daughter Grace deals with manufacturing and brings her efficiency and attention to detail to creation of our products together with a passion for reducing waste. Grace has taken the opportunity to explain her approach to stopping the use of single plastics and a drive to recycle whenever possible.

“I started on a journey of sustainability about 9 months ago and it was daunting to realise how much I relied on plastic for everything. After looking into the effect plastic is having on this planet, I found out that we are ingesting one credit cards worth of plastic per person a week and even babies in the womb are exposed to the microplastic that the mother is indirectly consuming. This gave me the push that I needed to try and be a part of the change to reduce the plastic demand!”

“Making simple changes, such as swapping to solid shampoo and conditioner bars, make a huge difference to the world's plastic consumption. There is a vast amount of reading material to help make basic changes at home that will reduce the amount of plastic used and also a lot of the time save you money in the long run!

Buying eco alternatives are not always the cheapest thing to buy at the outset but will often last much longer than cheaper plastic alternatives. For example, things like reusable sanitary pads, baby wipes and make up wipes can all be washed, used for a very long time and with so many choices available there is always something that will suit everyone.

At the end of the day, every piece of plastic that is not bought, or at least recycled and prevented from going into landfill, helps reduce the breakdown into microplastic that are getting into our oceans. This is a win-win for us and the next generation. Setting an example to our children, I have a young son of 2 years, is so important as they will need to take the eco-banner and help clear up the plastic tide that is drowning us currently. Without trying to sound too cheesy, ‘in the style of Mr Spock’; Reuse, recycle and prosper!”

If you are interested in browsing some of our range of products then just click here or call us on 01202 233205 to learn more.

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