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Why You Should Switch to a Solid Shampoo Bar!

If you have been asking yourself ‘why you should switch to a solid shampoo bar’ then we have some great reasons for you!

A Solid Shampoo Bar is Great Value

Liquid shampoos are mostly made of water and so whilst a large bottle may seem good value, the concentration of a solid shampoo will last longer. As you rub the bar into your wet hair you will know the exact amount needed to create a foam. As an example, one of our 60g solid shampoos, if used everyday by someone with straight shoulder length hair should last 1-2 months. This is up to 3-4 months for someone with short hair. With our 60g solid shampoo bars at just £5.95 you will enjoy many more hair washes for your hard-earned cash!

Solid Shampoo Bars Do Not Need Plastic Packaging

There is perhaps no better reason to use a solid shampoo bar and is certainly our driving inspiration for creating these products.

A few years ago, we looked around our bathroom at the number of single-use plastic bottles and vowed to make a change.

Unfortunately, according to GreenPeace, “the UK creates more plastic waster per person than almost any other country in the world.” They say that less than 10% of everyday plastic gets recycled. Consequently, we believe that doing away with single-use plastic in packaging is essential to helping our world. Our solid shampoo bars are sold in plastic free boxes.

The BBC's Future Planet shockingly states that "[plastic] is so durable that the majority of what has been created is still present in our ecosystem. Having made its way into the food chain, it permeates our bodies, flowing from our blood into our organs, even finding its way into the human placenta."

We know only too well from our plastic picking along the beach and harbour, how much plastic waste is in our environment.

It is Easier to Travel with Solid Shampoo

With airports still having to check hand luggage for liquids the advantage of having solid shampoo and conditioner is clear. No having to pull these products out of your bag to put in yet another plastic bag!

Also, a solid shampoo or conditioner is more compact, will not be as heavy and will not give you a spillage to deal with on the first day of your holiday.

Our solid shampoo and conditioners have been so popular that we have now created a Travel Essentials Set perfect for your next trip away!!

Why You Should Switch to a Solid Shampoo Bar? Well, There’re Great for your Hair!

Our ‘Cherry Berry’ fragrance solid shampoo combines with natural ingredients to cleanse your hair leaving it feeling soft and smelling wonderful. In just the same way, our solid conditioner combines the fresh tropicana fragrance with natural ingredients to revitalise and repair your hair.

Features of our handmade solid shampoo and conditioner:

• Vegan friendly

• Allergen free

• Soap free

• Plastic free packaging

• Long lasting

• All handmade in UK

• High quality natural ingredients and delightful fragrances

• No animal testing

The Message is Gaining Ground – Solidarity!

We are also delighted that solid shampoos and solid conditioners are starting to be used in some of the best hotel, guest house and AirBnB accommodation.

The Retreat, provides luxury AirBnB accommodation in The New Forest and has recently adopted our solid toiletries boxes as complimentary gifts to their guests. We love their commitment to having a plastic free, vegan and handmade alternative to otherwise mass-produced alternatives that create waste.

We hope that the above reasons as to why you should switch to a solid shampoo will convince you to join our revolution!

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